What is Rice berry?

It is a brown rice made by breeding Jasmine rice in Thailand, it looks slender, black purple, vivid and very beautiful. It is rich in zinc, iron, vitamin B1, vitamin E, beta carotene, tannin, rutin, polyphenol, dietary fiber etc, and its nutritional value is high, as well as diabetes, obesity prevention, antioxidant It is said to be good for cancer and heart disease prevention, anemia prevention, anti-aging and beautiful skin effect and health and beauty by the effect, Bangkok which is currently the world’s tourist visiting city is handled in many restaurants and supermarkets etc. It is an item that has been drawing attention among people all over the world including women with a high awareness of beauty.

About Slim + (Slim Plus)


From the past, there were many people who did not know where to purchase and how to cook, and because the threshold was felt high as being super food, trying to make rice berry more familiar and easy to eat deliciously It was invented in the form of a snack bar.


  • Riceberry
  • OAT
  • Chasew nut
  • Apricot
  • Strawrerry
  • Honey

Gluten free & Sugar free

It is gluten free and no sugar, with no flour or sugar. Easy to eat without choosing the place and time with a sense of snack. It is recommended for allergic people, people who are considering beauty and health, busy businessmen.


  • To a busy morning breakfast 
  • For nutritional support before sports ·
  • As a snack during work ·
  • As a sweet of tea time ·
  • Also for a little souvenir ·
  • As a late night snack when hungry is empty