What is Freeze Dried

Freeze dried is a product called “vacuum freeze drying technique” which is a product which quickly frozen food containing moisture and food ingredients, further sublimate moisture by depressurizing under vacuum and dried. Generally, when preserving fruits for a long time, I think that a sun-drying image will be imagined, but in the case of a sun-dried sun, quality degradation and sweetness are reduced, so a lot of sugar and additives are used. However, because the fruits produced in Freeze dried are special processes, they can be delivered in a natural state without using any sugar and additives, without destroying the original nutrients, and the sweetness is further condensed I will. Also, because moisture is removed, it is light and portable widely used.

How to enjoy freeze dried fruits

Eat something as it is

Light and easy to carry, so you can eat as meals as well as snacks. Because it is not added, it is recommended for a snack of children.

As a topping

It is very tasty to become a taste accents if you can add it as a topping to cake, ice cream, yoghurt etc.

Put it in the liquor

If you add it to your favorite sake, you can enjoy it with sense of fruit liquor. Sugar is also unused so it is also recommended for those who are on a diet.

As a preserved meal

It is a feature of Freezedried, it can be stored for a long time, because it is very light because it is out of moisture, it can be used as an emergency food and a portable meal. Companies are encouraged to prepare emergency foods as a preparation for the emergency, but the first thing you need in case of an emergency is water and food that becomes energy immediately. What is needed next is a nutritious food that balances the body and a food to make a tired heart even more gorgeous. Also, how about traveling to places where it is not easy to relay logistics like climbing or hiking areas?

Pet’s reward

Pets are also a member of an important family. How about as an important anniversary or reward? Rabbits, hamsters, parakeets, etc. especially love freeze dried fruit. However, it is cute because you are looking at the form of being eaten one by one, so you will want to give a lot more, but be careful as excessive giving is not good for your health. Sometimes you can prepare the taste and quality at the same price, but those with small size and cracked cracks at lower prices. Please contact us once.

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