About our coffee

Place of origin

It was grown in an environment created by cutting a mountain where the electricity of 1,300 m in altitude is not going through at a place ran for 3 hours north from Chiang Rai airport in the northernmost part of Thailand and 40 minutes by road which is not paved It is.

Cultivation · Harvest

The variety of beans is a fine Arabica species of scent, richness and acidity. It is cultivated in nature, not in house cultivation. Every harvest is carried out one by one by hand.

Thai coffee harvest ①

Thai coffee harvest ②

Purification process (wet mill)

After harvesting, remove the pulp portion of the coffee cherries, remove immature beans and foreign matter etc by sun drying and washing to make it into a state of parchment (inner peel). We will remove a total of eight layers from the coffee cherry to the raw bean refining process.

Thai coffee refining process

Purification process (dry mill)

After preserving parchmented coffee beans in a low humidity place, threshing and threshing for raw beans, they are shipped to the market after sorting.

Product features

Coffee beans original quality

Thai coffee of Arabica species may be inferior compared to Brazilian or Colombian, but the quality of Thai coffee raised in a mountainous area rich in nature is very high and it can be convinced of coffee lovers I’m confident. In addition, we handle not only high grade flat beans but also pea berries.

Length of retention period

As one of the style of coffee now, “New Crop” shipped in about six months from harvest is mainstream. However, we deal with “past crop” which is at least one year since the harvest and goods called “old crop” three years and five years since the harvest as special coffee. In fact this balance of coffee beans with this preservation period is very difficult when putting time, which will also reduce the original taste of coffee, but this coffee that we arrived at pursuing the commitment of producers , Something like a distinctive habit is a little less distinct flavor, and one of the features is that the sweetness stands out as time passes. Because it is easy to drink from ease of drinking, often drinking a lot.


Another crucial step in determining the taste of coffee is roasting. Actually it is necessary to get your favorite roasting done with a high-performance machine, but there is also a big problem that the equipment itself is very expensive. Here we possess roasting machines that can be convinced with manufacturers of equipment and can deliver in your favorite condition. Also, we will accept your request and accept your own order.