Become a bridge connecting overseas and Japan


Import business

Our company buys products manufactured and sold abroad directly from the site. As a matter of course, it meets the standards of quality and safety, and we deal only with high-quality items that can be used satisfactorily on a continuous basis. In Japan, although the distribution volume is still small, it is only proud commodity that it can be a future trend.

Retail / wholesale business

We also do direct retail / wholesale business on products imported from overseas. We are also waiting for consultations such as companies that can sell our products or want to sell them as our own brands. Please do not hesitate to contact us regarding samples and product information.


Export industry

The quality of Made in Japan products is highly appreciated overseas. We are engaged in agency business for export or sales mainly in Southeast Asia. We are strongly tied to the local community and I think that I can help sale so if you are planning to expand overseas please do not hesitate to contact us.